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A bad week for Liverpool's anglers

It's been a bad week for Liverpool! Both footy fans and Anglers have encountered disaster, leaving the Anfield district of the city completely in the doldrums. Liverpool managed to throw away the Champions League in a final featuring unfortunate goalkeeping errors and now the
Stanley Park fishing lake has seen dozens of fish die suddenly and without explanation.

Stanley Park

For those not familiar with the city of Liverpool, Stanley Park lies between the stadiums of Liverpool and Everton football clubs. A popular spot for urban anglers, the fishing lake is a fabulous feature of the park but now dozens of fish have mysteriously died and nobody has yet managed to come up with an explanation. Anglers are furious because the dead fish have not been removed from the water whilst the environment agency have said that they couldn't act because of the bank holiday. Whatever that has to do with the price!

Suicidal fish?

The local anglers have been left disappointed on all fronts. The football team did unfortunately blow it in Europe's most important match and now their lake is full of dead fish. Perhaps the fish committed collective Hari Kari after hearing news of progress in the football?!

Shocking pictures of dead fish

Anglers have been removing the dead fish from the lake themselves and shocking pictures have emerged of the lake which the fisherman now consider to be a serious hazard. Liverpool City council said that they couldn't help and so the anglers have been forced to jump into the water to
retrieve the bodies.

The anglers report that at least 20 fish died in just one week. Their maggot covered bodies have proved to be a highly unpleasant sight. The dead carp were reported by several people to the council and the Environment agency but no assistance was forthcoming. If the dead carp are not removed quickly, more may die.

Unpleasant odour

Unfortunately, the anglers have been forced to leave the dead bodies on the banks of the lake where they are starting to smell and have attracted a huge number of flies. There is already an issue with rats in the area which is becoming worse by the minute. To make matters even worse than that, many local children play in the park every day.

Passing the Buck

The Environment Agency has said that the park is owned by the City Council and its maintenance is therefore not the responsibility of the agency. For their part, the council have acknowledged that they are aware of the problem and will resolve it as soon as possible, whatever that means. They say that the issue is an annual problem which is sometimes caused by anglers stocking the lake with the wrong kind of fish. Really?

Things can only get better for the city!


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