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Would You Like Your Own Carp Lake?

Are you are keen angler who heads for the lakes with your tackle and carp pellets every weekend? If so, then you would probably appreciate having your own carp lake, especially if it was adjacent to your house. Digging a giant hole and filling it with water probably isn't going to be an option for you but you could invest in a property that has come up for sale in Somerset, UK.

Payvotts ill Farm is a beautiful eight bedroomed property has recently come onto the market.The Farm benefits froma stunning rural setting close to a village between Dorchester and Yeovil. This sounds appealing enough as it is but to make the house even more tempting, it comes complete with equestrian facilities and more importantly, several carp lakes.

The Carp Lakes Payvotts ill Farm features a complex of five lakes that are fed by a natural stream. The largest of these lakes is eight acres in size. The three largest lakes all have huts and beds with mattresses. The huts are equipped with landing nets, weight slings, fish scanners and chairs. Anglers have access to toilet facilities, microwaves and fridges. ind you, this may be largely irrelevant as if you bought this house you might want to keep the carp lakes all to yourself...There is a beginners' lake at the site that is stocked with small carp but the largest fish at the lakes are said to be over 50lbs.

You may require a lot of carp pellets and no small amount of skill to land one of those. The Estate The 50 acre estate features two farmhouses that are full of character and which offer 5079 square feet of living space. The equestrian facilities include 38 stables, indoor and outdoor arenas and 35 paddocks.The property offers the potential for further business expansion via holiday lets and the introduction of facilities for more countryside pursuits, subject to planning permission of course. A Tempting Proposition?

This all sounds rather good doesn't it? Well, there's just one potential snag however. This is a fabulous house that boasts two thriving businesses and so the price tag is £2.6m. This would be beyond most people's budget, but we can all dream! Planning Ahead Whilst you are trying to accumulate the small fortune that you would need to buy your own carp lakes, you can still fish at Payvotts ill Farm. Well, you wouldn't want to invest in fishing lakes without testing them out first would you?

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