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Best Bait For Catching Carp

If you can find bait which seems to stir some extra enthusiasm in the waters, then you are already some way towards a successful session. There are various options though when it comes to bait for carp fishing and the market for great quality products in this department appears to keep on expanding. It can only be useful then to take a moment to consider a few of the various options on offer that give you the best chance of success.

A Taste for Hemp

There are a number of reasons why hemp can be advantageous to be used as bait for carp fishing. Critically, hemp seed looks a good deal like the very small freshwater snails which carp love to eat, so this leads to the fish becoming keenly focused on the bait. Additionally, the amino acids and natural omega oils which are released are extremely attractive for carp. Consequently, even if using other bait such as regular boilies, it can be worth using hemp initially to stimulate the fish and put them in a state whereby they are actively looking for food.

Boilies are popular for a reason

Boilies do in fact catch the most carp in the UK each year, but it is important to consider a number of factors once you decide to opt for this bait. For example, you will find that, although modern shelf-life baits now contain very few additives as they rely predominantly on dehydration instead to stop them going off, this does mean that they can be hard, and therefore that freezer boilies can be a better option as they will be softer in the water more quickly. If you are using shelf-life boilies, then it should help to soak them in a bucket of water the night before your trip so that they have a chance to soften.

Carp go nuts for tiger nuts

Tiger nuts if prepared effectively can be an extremely productive choice. The sugar content and oils which the nuts exude make them highly attractive to carp. In addition, it can be advantageous to go for tiger nuts which have been cooked in hemp oil to make them doubly irresistible. But, as ever, there are qualifying factors to consider when choosing this bait. It still is not a certainty as to whether this hook bait is more effective fermented or not, so it may be worth preparing some fermented and some unfermented so that you can note down the respective results. Furthermore, it is crucial that tiger nuts should not be used excessively. Too much of it can be dangerous for carp as it is not very easy for the fish to digest.

Sweetcorn is cheap yet effective

Sweetcorn is a cheap carp fishing bait which, because of both its colour and its taste, is a very attractive option. This type of bait is excellent all year round, and you can even now use plastic fake corn to get the carp interested whilst knowing you will always have hook bait present. In comparison to the tiger nuts for example which can be difficult for the carp to digest, you can be sure that there are no such problems for the fish with sweetcorn. With all this said, it can actually be the case that the sweetcorn is too universally attractive. Other fish love to eat this bait as well as carp, and this means you may get some unwanted attention from fish that you are not interested in angling for.

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