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Your One-Stop Shop: Carp Bait & Tackle for Coarse Fising

Our expert team have been working hard to build our new online store and the wait is finally over - good things come to those who bait. We're now ready for action. Creating the UK's best online fishing bait store is a difficult challenge but reel experts can tackle anything. We've been hard at it and got our heads down developing this site. We've hardly had a break! well, that may not be completely true, as you know what they say - when the going gets tough, the tough go fishing!

Fishing Bait World is set to be an angler's paradise offering the finest fishing bait, groundbait and attractants. Better still, everything will be priced to please. Whether you fish for carp, trout, tench, chub, bream, perch or pike we will have exactly what you need to land the biggest fish. We also offer a fantastic range of bivvies, chairs, sleeping bags, landing nets and fishing lines

Good news! We will be offering free delivery on orders over £25!

What Equipment do You Need to Start Carp Fishing?

Any new hobby or pastime can seem daunting initially. You will always be aware that you don't really know what you are doing and won't want to look foolish. On the other hand, you have an exciting adventure ahead of you. Most experienced anglers will be happy to help and will understand how you feel.

Before you can get started you will need to invest in some necessary equipment. You don't need to go crazy and purchase top-end gear as this would be a cost which is hard to justify when you don't have the skills to take advantage of its benefits. But the cheapest equipment can also be a poor choice as it might not be sufficiently robust or you will be looking to upgrade soon if you become hooked! Mid-range equipment is a great choice and particularly pieces that are aimed at beginners but are of high quality.

Carp Rods and Reels

You certainly don't need to spend a fortune on a pair of carp rods. £70 will buy you a good quality model that's likely to stand the test of time and enable you to develop your skills. Look for a rod with a test curve of 2.5lb and this will be a decent all-rounder. Rod Hutchinson Enduro rods would be the perfect choice and offer exceptional performance at a great price.

Choose a reel with a free-spool facility. £80 will buy you a reliable model with smooth operation.

Rod Pods

These are an essential investment for fishing stony swims and sun-baked banks as bank sticks are not going to work on hard ground. Treat yourself to a good quality aluminium pod which should set you back circa £40 and team this up with pair of decent alarms and bobbins. Cheap alarms will probably cease to function when it rains which, of course, it eventually will!

Terminal Tackle

There is no point investing in a good rod if you do not attend properly to the business end of proceedings! Don't be tempted to skimp on hooks, swivels and hook link material. Buy the best because it won't cost the earth and always keep a supply with you. Store everything in a good tackle box. £80 should buy you all of the terminal tackle you need to cope with most eventualities and £35 is a good budget for the box.


You can't go wrong with boilies and pellets and there are plenty to choose from. You will have both shelf-life and frozen options and, either way, these are a small investment. Don't forget to keep an eye on use by dates if you decide to stock up on bait. A catapult for your bait would also be a useful accessory.

Chairs and Bivvies

Comfort is key if you wish to maximise your enjoyment of your sport! A decent chair will cost around £70 whilst a bed chair will set you back in the region of £180 but you will probably end up feeling this is money well spent. You can get your hands on a good Rod Hutchinson one man bivvie for just £120 but a higher end model at £300 would probably provide greater satisfaction.

With a few additional pieces like a landing net and sleeping bag, you can expect to spend £1000 in order to assemble everything you need. This might sound like a lot of money but when compared to the hours of enjoyment that it will yield, fishing gear is potentially amazing value!

Fishing Bait

Get your fishing rods at the ready because we are offing the finest fishing pellets including halibut pellets, trout pellets, carp pellets, floating pellets and mixed pellets. With the amazing Pellet Pandemonium for carp you are sure to be breaking records soon and you can terrify tench with Pellet Panic.

Fishing Groundbait

Whip up a feeding frenzy with our tempting fishing groundbait. Tantalise the tench, coax the carp and tickle the trout with our tempting range of ground sketting, ground halibut, wonder worms and seaweed meal. We also feature an impressive selection of breadcrumbs and the truly incendiary Dynamite Explosive Feeder.

Fishing Particles

Particle carp baits have become extremely popular. Incredibly effective and highly versatile, fishing particle carp bait is certainly causing ripples in the pond. We bring you an impressive range of fishing particles including fishing hempseed, tiger nuts, pulses and a great range of fishing maize. Don't miss Titmuss Multiple Magic, the fishing particle bait that is a veritable bag of tricks!

Fishing Boilies and Pop Ups

Heard about the one that got away? Load of balls? Not with our balls. Our exceptional range of Boilies and Pop Ups from Kai X Baits offers enticing pineapple, strawberry and coconut varieties. You really can't go wrong!

Fishing Liquid Attractants and Additive

You can turn your bait into the perfect a la carte menu with our fine fishing liquid attractants and additives. Choose from halibut, coconut, crab and liver to create your tempting treats. We will also be offering firm favourites pineapple and strawberry together with the tasty triumph that is Kai X Bait's Tutti Fruitti.

Gone Fishin'

Well it is probably time to take down the gone fishin' sign as w're now open for business. Shop with us today and don't let Fishing Bait World be the one that got away!

What is the best bait for carp fishing?

If you can find bait which seems to stir some extra enthusiasm in the waters, then you are already some way towards a successful session. There are various options though when it comes to bait for carp fishing and the market for great quality products in this department appears to keep on expanding. It can only be useful then to take a moment to consider a few of the various options on offer that give you the best chance of success.

A Taste for Hemp

There are a number of reasons why hemp can be advantageous to be used as bait for carp fishing. Critically, hemp seed looks a good deal like the very small freshwater snails which carp love to eat, so this leads to the fish becoming keenly focused on the bait. Additionally, the amino acids and natural omega oils which are released are extremely attractive for carp. Consequently, even if using other bait such as regular boilies, it can be worth using hemp initially to stimulate the fish and put them in a state whereby they are actively looking for food.

Boilies: popular for a reason

Boilies do in fact catch the most carp in the UK each year, but it is important to consider a number of factors once you decide to opt for this bait. For example, you will find that, although modern shelf-life baits now contain very few additives as they rely predominantly on dehydration instead to stop them going off, this does mean that they can be hard, and therefore that freezer boilies can be a better option as they will be softer in the water more quickly. If you are using shelf-life boilies, then it should help to soak them in a bucket of water the night before your trip so that they have a chance to soften.

Carp go nuts for tiger nuts

Tiger nuts if prepared effectively can be an extremely productive choice. The sugar content and oils which the nuts exude make them highly attractive to carp. In addition, it can be advantageous to go for tiger nuts which have been cooked in hemp oil to make them doubly irresistible. But, as ever, there are qualifying factors to consider when choosing this bait. It still is not a certainty as to whether this hook bait is more effective fermented or not, so it may be worth preparing some fermented and some unfermented so that you can note down the respective results. Furthermore, it is crucial that tiger nuts should not be used excessively. Too much of it can be dangerous for carp as it is not very easy for the fish to digest.

Sweetcorn: cheap yet effective

Sweetcorn is a cheap carp fishing bait which, because of both its colour and its taste, is a very attractive option. This type of bait is excellent all year round, and you can even now use plastic fake corn to get the carp interested whilst knowing you will always have hook bait present. In comparison to the tiger nuts for example which can be difficult for the carp to digest, you can be sure that there are no such problems for the fish with sweetcorn. With all this said, it can actually be the case that the sweetcorn is too universally attractive. Other fish love to eat this bait as well as carp, and this means you may get some unwanted attention from fish that you are not interested in angling for.

Winter Carp Fishing

As the nights draw in and temperatures drop, the prospect of sitting outside for hours may start to seem less appealing. Especially when you are finding it harder to catch your target fish. Winter is a difficult time for carp anglers so you could face spending many hours over a period of months with little to show for your efforts. But there are tactics that you can employ to ensure that you get the most out of your hobby in winter time.

Switching Venue

You may enjoy pursuing larger specimens but it could be worth your while to switch venues in the winter months. A better stocked venue might feature smaller fish but your chances of a catch will be improved and you will be learning all the time. It is hard to learn much about your craft when you are experiencing zero success!

Use Pop-Ups

Pop-ups can come in really handy in the cold weather. They stand out more than baits on the bottom where the lake bed may be covered with autumn leaves and twigs. You can cast a good pop-up rig almost anywhere and this bait tends to gain a quick response if there are fish nearby.

Fish with Maggots

Maggots are certainly the ultimate winter carp bait. No matter how awful the weather, the carp will continue to eat maggots with great enthusiasm. They could spark the interest of carp when all other methods fail. The only proviso here is that you need to seek out waters where you are not pestered by roach and perch.

Prepare to Move About

Always be prepared to move swims. If you are experiencing no signs of life, you could find that there is better action elsewhere around the water. Keep an eye on any other anglers at the venue. Are they having better luck than you are? This could simply be because you are sitting in the wrong place.

Watch the Weather

The feeding habits of carp are unpredictable and can vary dramatically. However, milder and more settled conditions generally produce the best opportunities. It pays to pick your moment! But remember that it is the night-time lows that you should study not the daytime temperatures.

Watch Your Lines

Your indicators are vital to tracking down your targets. At times when carp are not active, they still have to be somewhere! If your line is amongst the fish, you will see line bites. Fish with your indicators slack and make a mental note of precisely where your line enters the water. The line pulling tight and then dropping slack tells you that you are in an area with significant numbers of fish. Sandwich the favourable area with your other rod or rods.

Keep Your Ear to the Ground

It will also pay dividends to keep abreast of how other anglers are faring and where they have had success. Look and listen in order to learn as much as you can about the best venues and the best pegs at those venues.

Fishing Bait World: an alluring proposition!


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