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Your One-Stop Shop: Carp Bait & Tackle for Coarse Fising

The Bait is on the Hook! Fishing Bait World is here

Our expert team have been working hard to build our new online store and the wait is finally over - good things come to those who bait. We're now ready for action. Creating the UK's best online fishing bait store is a difficult challenge but reel experts can tackle anything. We've been hard at it and got our heads down developing this site. We've hardly had a break! well, that may not be completely true, as you know what they say - when the going gets tough, the tough go fishing!

Fishing Bait World is set to be an angler's paradise offering the finest fishing bait, groundbait and attractants. Better still, everything will be priced to please. Whether you fish for carp, trout, tench, chub, bream, perch or pike we will have exactly what you need to land the biggest fish. We also offer a fantastic range of bivvies, chairs, sleeping bags, landing nets and fishing lines

Good news! We will be offering free delivery on orders over £25!

Fishing Bait

Get your fishing rods at the ready because we are offing the finest fishing pellets including halibut pellets, trout pellets, carp pellets, floating pellets and mixed pellets. With the amazing Pellet Pandemonium for carp you are sure to be breaking records soon and you can terrify tench with Pellet Panic.

Fishing Groundbait

Whip up a feeding frenzy with our tempting fishing groundbait. Tantalise the tench, coax the carp and tickle the trout with our tempting range of ground sketting, ground halibut, wonder worms and seaweed meal. We also feature an impressive selection of breadcrumbs and the truly incendiary Dynamite Explosive Feeder.

Fishing Particles

Particle carp baits have become extremely popular. Incredibly effective and highly versatile, fishing particle carp bait is certainly causing ripples in the pond. We bring you an impressive range of fishing particles including fishing hempseed, tiger nuts, pulses and a great range of fishing maize. Don't miss Titmuss Multiple Magic, the fishing particle bait that is a veritable bag of tricks!

Fishing Boilies and Pop Ups

Heard about the one that got away? Load of balls? Not with our balls. Our exceptional range of Boilies and Pop Ups from Kai X Baits offers enticing pineapple, strawberry and coconut varieties. You really can't go wrong!

Fishing Liquid Attractants and Additive

You can turn your bait into the perfect a la carte menu with our fine fishing liquid attractants and additives. Choose from halibut, coconut, crab and liver to create your tempting treats. We will also be offering firm favourites pineapple and strawberry together with the tasty triumph that is Kai X Bait's Tutti Fruitti.

Gone Fishin'

Well it is probably time to take down the gone fishin' sign as w're now open for business. Shop with us today and don't let Fishing Bait World be the one that got away!

Fishing Bait World: an alluring proposition!


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