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Best Time To Go Trout Fishing?

The answer to the question 'when is the best time to go trout fishing?' will depend on where you intend to fish. A warm summer's day makes the prospect of spending time in the great outdoors an appealing one, but this may not be when the fish are most likely to bite.

Perform a quick online search and you will likely find conflicting advice on the best time of year to fish for Trout. Every angler has had different experiences which of course influences their own opinions but conditions do vary from region to region.

You may find yourself also limited by when Trout lakes are open. any anglers say that there isn't a bad time to fish - However, we would like to give you the benefit of our advice so that you can make the most of your time by the water.

Small Lakes

The best fishing in smaller lakes (still waters) will be when the water temperature is cool. This is because the oxygen content is higher which will ensure that Trout are feeding and active. Small areas of water will warm up quickly as the weather improves with the changing of the season. This means that the early bird catches the worm!

Look to fish small lakes between early arch and June or later on in the year between September and October. The ideal water temperature you'll be looking to target is around 42 -55 degrees. Sorry to the sun-worshippers, but overcast conditions with a light breeze are poised to make for the most favourable opportunities. Choose a spot on the bank with clear room behind you and any breeze blowing from behind. Deep water close to the bank should be your target area when Trout fishing in a small lake.

Larger Lakes and Reservoirs

The larger the lake, the longer it takes for the water to warm in the spring. The optimum time to trout fish in these will therefore be a little later than at smaller lakes and the water will probably approach the perfect temperature in late arch. It may be possible to fish through into July if the weather had been cool earlier in the year.

Once they have warmed up, larger lakes and reservoirs will take longer to cool down again and so the best conditions will not return until late October or November. Sadly you'll find many lakes will be closed to fishing by this time of year. Again, as with the smaller lakes, weather-wise a mild day with overcast conditions is ideal. You should seek out the deep water within casting distance of the bank. If you are drift fishing from a boat then also try and choose a breezy day.

Chalk Streams

April to mid-June is the best time of year for fly fishing chalk streams. Ideally choose a warm day with overcast skies. Start downstream and exercise patience. Research beforehand what areas of the river system wild Trout are fond of and look out for these features when on the bank.

What Time of Day?

Again anglers will base their advice on their own experiences. Trout may bite at any time of the day but often it's found that fishing early in the morning or late afternoon is likely to yield the best results. The best way to discover what works for you and in your region is to simply get out there and fish.

You can read as much advice as you can possibly consume, but of course you won't catch anything or be able to test advice without getting out to the water! You may yourself discover the perfect time and the perfect place for Trout fishing and if you do you can impart your wisdom on others.

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