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Stroft Abr Fishing Line

Stroft Abr Fishing Line

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STROFT ABR is the perfect choice for any kind of fishing, especially in gruelling conditions. This monofilament fishing line has been specially designed to be both durable and resistant to wear and abrasion. The heat treatment process used to create the line compacts the surface and reduces water absorption, making it more resilient to UV rays and scratches. This improves the line's breaking strain, knot strength and wet knot strength, even when it is submerged for long periods of time. STROFT ABR is a hardy line that still retains its suppleness, so it is ideal for fishing over rocks and mussel beds, in salt water and in direct sunlight. Not only does it offer superior durability, but it is also very affordable. Buy STROFT ABR today for an unbeatable fishing experience.

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