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Gaby Pillows The Monster Sturgeon 200cm

Gaby Pillows The Monster Sturgeon 200cm

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The ancient European Sturgeon is a member of the sturgeon family and is capable of swimming in both fresh and saltwater. It is found along the Atlantic coastline of Spain to Norway, and sporadically in the Mediterranean and Black Seas. This fish can reach an impressive size, growing to more than 4 meters in length and up to 300kg in weight. It is distinctive due to its bony plates, also known as scutes, on its back, sides, and belly, and its barbels near the mouth, which it uses to locate food. Its primary diet consists of crustaceans and mollusks. Unfortunately, this species is critically endangered, along with other members of its family, and various countries are taking action by starting conservation and reintroduction projects to help preserve the dwindling populations.

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