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Dynamite Baits

Dynamite Baits Sticky Pellet Syrup Amino

Dynamite Baits Sticky Pellet Syrup Amino

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For a truly unique fishing experience, try SwimStim's 2020 range of classic syrup-based flavours. Perfect for making your Method feeder pellets more sticky and flavourful, these syrups can also be used to make your pellets more easy to fire in a catapult or feed by hand in windy conditions. Choose from four flavours – Krill, Betaine Green, F1 Sweet and Amino Original – for a delicious taste that your fish won't be able to resist. Each bottle contains 300ml of glucose-based syrup, which can be used in conjunction with a standard pellet soak for an even more intense flavour and stickiness. To use, simply mix your dry pellets with water, drain after 45 seconds and leave for 5 minutes, then add a generous amount of syrup and mix it in thoroughly. Your pellets will bind but break down quickly in the water. This sale includes two bottles of syrup – mix them together for a truly unique flavour or keep them separate for two different flavours.

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