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Bait-Tech Special G Green Groundbait Mix 1kg

Bait-Tech Special G Green Groundbait Mix 1kg

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For years Special 'G' Green Groundbait has been the go-to choice for anglers looking for a premium fishmeal groundbait. Boasting a perfect balance of light and dark colours, it is ideal for a variety of fishing situations. Its signature combination of GPS90 and high-quality fishmeals, ground pellets, and attractants make it the most sought-after fishmeal based groundbait on the market. What’s more, it is extremely easy to mix, making it perfect for creating a paste, method feeder fishing, cupping, balling, or as a stick mix. Special 'G' Green Groundbait comes in 1 kg bags and is ideal for all types of fish. Get yours now and see why it’s been a best seller for so long!

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