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Bait-Tech Pro Natural Dark Mix 1.5kg

Bait-Tech Pro Natural Dark Mix 1.5kg

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Bait-Tech's Pro Natural Groundbait Mix is the ideal choice for anglers looking for a sweet, all-purpose groundbait suitable for rivers, still waters, and canals. This mix has been perfected to hold feeding fish in your swim for extended periods of time and has been tested by our team of expert anglers for over 12 months. Pro Natural is rich in coconut, molasses, and hemp, binding well and breaking down quickly, making it suitable for a variety of baits such as maggots, casters, worms, hemp, corn, and pellets. It is easy to mix and use, perfect for feeder and float fishing, and has been reported to attract all species of fish. With 25 years of bait manufacturing experience, Pro Natural is the single, most universally attractive groundbait available.

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