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Bait-Tech Envy Dark Method Mix 2kg

Bait-Tech Envy Dark Method Mix 2kg

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The ENVY Range of groundbaits has been perfected with this new dark mix. Perfect for when the water is clearer, especially during the colder months. The dark colour encourages fish to feed, and helps to increase the number of catches. Made with Halibut Pellets and Super Seed Hemp, ENVY is a medium-fast breakdown method mix that has been used to great success all over Europe. Countless anglers have reaped the rewards of using ENVY, which is why it is widely considered to be one of the best method mixes available. ENVY is made up of mostly ground hemp and ground halibut pellets, and its oily hi-attract formula has a medium-fast breakdown time. It was originally designed for method feeder fishing, but anglers have since discovered its versatility, making ENVY a top choice for all types of fishing. For its quality and results, ENVY is an excellent value.

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