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How To Take Better Fishing Photos

Your fishing expeditions will take you to some stunning places and could yield record catches. But how often have you had your camera at the ready to capture a special moment? To make matters worse, you have probably taken a few snaps only to be sorely disappointed with the results.

Here's how to create amazing memories of the places you have visited, the special catches that you have achieved and the amazing moments which light up your life from time to time when your rod is in your hand.

Always take your camera!

It's hard to capture the moment if you don't have your camera with you. Your phone isn't going to take the best pictures so don't rely on that. You never know when a great photo opportunity is going to arise and they have a habit of materialising when you least expect them too. Don't leave home without your camera!

Get snap-happy!

If you stumble across a special place or a remarkable fish, you should always be ready to snap away. Photography is an art but even the experts don't always know which shot will be the memorable one. The more shots you take, the higher the chance that one of them will feature the perfect composition and exposure. Learn from every shot Take the time to examine all of your images and decide why they worked or were a complete flop.

Sometimes you have to get things hopelessly wrong in order to hone your skills! Shoot in a variety of lighting conditions and take advantage of those fleeting moments when the sun is pouring through the branches of the trees or the sunset delivers that distinctive warm glow.

Invest in the right equipment!

There's no substitute for a DSLR camera and these days a decent piece of kit doesn't have to cost you the earth. Once you have the right camera, explore its full potential by shooting in manual mode. You will have to get to know the various settings and you will need to develop your understanding of exposure, but the results will be worth the time you spend getting to grips with your gear is a bit like fishing!

Composition is key when taking fishing photographs.

A well-composed image can transform a modest catch or an average setting into a spectacle. Don't confine yourself to snapping smiling faces and the largest catch of the day. Get creative and snap the entire fishing process from rigging up to relaxing on the river bank.

A great fishing picture doesn't have to feature a fish!

Try shooting from a low perspective and unusual angles to mix things up a bit. Always respect the fish If you practice catch and release, take your pictures quickly so that the fish doesn't suffer for your art! Try to keep the fish wet and only pull it out for a few seconds.

The more images you take, the more you will learn.

A digital camera and a large memory card will enable you take thousands of images. There will be an absolute triumph in there somewhere!

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