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How To Catch Carp In The Spring

The spring is a time of reawakening and renewal. This is certainly the case for the flowers and the trees, as sunlight hours increase, and the temperature rises once more after the dark winter months.

But the reinvigorating conditions of life and of general activity on dry land can also be said to happen in the waters, as the rise in the water temperature means that the carp become more active and in turn need more food to fuel this increase in activity. With carp on the hunt for food, the potential for bountiful angling also heightens.

With carp in the mood to find a new and fresh food source to refuel them as the waters heat up, it is a perfect time to make your hook bait as visible and attractive as possible, for example by choosing highly visible, highly scented boilies.

Consider using shelf-life boilies at first to attract the fish and establish a new food source, whilst waiting to use the more highly nutritional boilies once the carp have become warier.

Go big

At this time of the year, because carp will be so keen to feed, you can get away with being more blatant with your rig presentations. In the winter, certain boilies might appear too big, too obvious with their scent and too colourful and therefore may make carp suspicious and fearful.

However, when the season has come out and they have started to increase their food intake, this problem need not come into play. At this period in time, not only are carp more likely to want to eat more, but some of the waters in which the carp swim will not have been targeted by anglers for months, and so their guard may well be down.

Chopped boilies

In the springtime, it might also be a useful tactic to use air-dried chopped boilies that have been rehydrated using different liquid attractors. These attractor liquids come in a range of flavourings, including fruit flavours such as pineapple, which all add to the aroma which permeates outwards from the boilie. Food-type liquids such as nutramino are also worth considering.

Find your spot

As carp are warming up now that the temperatures will be rising, they will make the most of the warmest waters. Consequently, the north easterly corners of the lakes will be a good place to look for carp at this time, as the banks in these corners will be sheltered from the cold wind and be exposed instead to the warm south westerly wind.

Additionally, at this point new weed buds will be sprouting up in the water, so these protected and secluded areas may be likely to be dense with carp, as they will naturally frequent such areas which offer a certain amount of protection. Having said that, with heightened water temperature near the surface, do bear in mind that floaters can be effective as fish move into the top layers.


Possibly above all, this is the time of the year when zigs work best, as carp will be drawn to the mid to top layers of the water by the sun.

Zig fishing therefore can be a devastating tactic if carried out correctly and perfect for the times in the year such as these when you cannot afford to neglect the top layers of the water.

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