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Carp Rigs - All You Need To Know

Carp rigs are an essential part of your carp fishing tackle. Carp rigs are a series of carp fishing tackle that is connected to the end of your carp fishing line. This allows you to hook and catch carp. Typically, your carp fishing tackle includes a hook, bait, hook length, swivel or quick change clip, lead system for fish safety, lead, and leader. If you are a beginner, here is your guide to carp rigs.

Knotless Knot Rig

If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you keep things simple when it comes to your carp rig. There is nothing against complex rigs, but first, you need to fully understand the ends and outs of the beginner carp rig, the knotless knot rig. This is also called the hair rig. It is made up of a hook with a boilie that is attached using the knotless knot.

The hook length is kept in place on its own when you warp it around the shank of the hook. Your boilie is attached to the end of the hook length as opposed to the hook itself, leaving the hook free to catch the mouth of the carps. This is called the hair. It is recommended that the boilie sits just after the hook and you should tie an overhand loop knot so that it can hold the boilie in place. Once the loop is tied, use a baiting needle to attach the boilie held in place by a boilie stop.

Now that you know how to tie your knotless knot rig, we can move onto hook length. Your hook length will vary, but it is recommended that when doing the knotless knot rig method, your boilie will sit just after the hook.

Hook Lengths

Your hook lengths can be made from a variety of materials. The most durable of them all is the braid as it can be coated to make the hook length stiffer and abrasion resistant. You do not have to worry about the stretch in the braid material, which means it will be easier for you to know when your carp catches your bait.

Another method you could utilize is by stripping the coated material on the braid. When you do this using a stripper tool, it allows the knotless knot to be tied while still maintaining its stiffness and abrasion resistance. It also helps the hook to move around freely.

You can get your braid in a variety of colours, but you want to make sure that it matches the lakebed you are fishing over as braid is way more visible than fluorocarbon.

Carp Lead Clip System

The lead clip system is used to attach a lead to the carp rig but also allows for this lead to be dropped in the event that the carp get tangled in weeds or if the carp fishing line broke off. This is something that you must include in your beginner carp rig because you do not want any issues. You can either opt for a fixed lead system or a running lead system. A fixed system allows for lead to be connected and held in place using a tail rubber stop, which is easily pulled off. This enables the lead to be dropped.

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