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Fishing Holidays

The countryside and natural beauty of France make for what could be one of your most memorable fishing trips ever. The beauty of the wilderness matched with the power and size of French carps make for a trip full of challenge, wonder and unmatched scenery.

So, what do you need to consider when deciding to take the plunge and travel to France from some relaxing carp fishing? What should you take? Where do you go? Who do you go with? Well, that is what we are (hopefully) going to be able to answer for you here today.

Where to go and how you travel there

France is a large country. As such it has dozens of well-known and used lakes that can provide you with whatever level of challenge you want. However, which lake you want to pick is going to be down to a few factors. What are your travel plans? Are you taking an airplane, ferry, or the channel tunnel? Are you planning on hiring a vehicle when over there? Are you travelling as a group? Is your goal to just relax or set a monster PR? Your goals are going to dictate your travel plans and vice-versa. ore gear equals more luggage to check and more to lose or break. Be aware of airline and ferry restrictions when you book travel.

If you are travelling by ferry or the channel tunnel and have your own transport, there are plenty of venues within driving range of your landing point to pick from. Speak to as many people as you can who have fished in France to get their personal recommendations on which lake is best. mainly because there are just too many to name here efficiently, whilst doing each of them justice. If you are planning a trip with a larger group, aim for a bigger or even a private lake, that you can all spread out on, without making too much disturbance to the water.

What to take?

French carp are a varied group, but one thing is for certain if you want to hit a new PR when you are out there you can absolutely go for it. French carp are quite well known for being a bit on the larger side so if you are planning on fishing for a monster be sure to pack your heavy gear for them.

Of course, you cannot pack for every situation and nor should you do so. Remember if you are travelling by ferry or aeroplane you are severely limited, in terms of packing, by the weight you are allowed to pack in your luggage. If you are driving through the tunnel, that is one thing, but if you are limited to 20kg checked luggage elsewhere, you are going to have a rough time. lake sure you know what you are fishing for before you leave. If you want a monster, pack your strong gauge gear. If you are planning for a one-day relaxation trip, pack light. make sure you research your chosen spot. If it is known for carrying 30-40 lb carp, then your light gear will get trashed almost immediately and your day will be ruined.

Documents to sort

Finally, make sure your documentation is up to date. This means a driving licence, passport, any fishing permits for local councils as well as travel and medical insurance. Especially with the end to Brexit looming, and current COVID restrictions correct documentation can be a life and time saver. make sure to check with any lake you have booked with what licences and paperwork they require and have it sorted well ahead of time. Believe me, it will save you a world of hurt when you finally get there.

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