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Fishing Bait On A Budget

As we've highlighted in previous articles, anglers have had amazing success using just about everything as fishing bait. This is great news if you're really on a budget as it shows that you have plenty of options.

If money's tight then we certainly wouldn't recommend that you fish with your iPhone on the end of the line, after all we'll assume you want to hang on to that.

However, anything from leftover McDonalds to appears to have been able to work some magic for some anglers.

Maize as fishing bait

Whilst leftovers from your meals will cost you nothing they are, by their very nature, in relatively short supply and if you have a good appetite they may even be non-existent.

For this reason the regular angler will need to invest in some bait if they plan to fish often. If you're not using leftovers but still don't want to spend the earth then fishing maize could be the perfect option for you. The best thing about fishing maize is that it's great value. You can purchase a lot of maize for not a lot of money, giving you a supply that will last for weeks.

Like many baits you'll need to invest some time in preparation but this is simple to do and won't take up too much of your time. Please check out our if you need further advice. Fishing maize is a great choice if you enjoy the odd impromptu fishing trip.

Once prepared, it can be frozen so that you have a supply at the ready for whenever you need it. If you have a fishing trip coming up and need to prepare your bait then make an extra supply for future use whilst you are about it.

Which fishing maize?

At Fishing Bait World our French maize is cheap as chips and certainly more cost effective than a Big ac or gummy bears! We also feature red maize, popcorn maize and Great White South American maize if you are looking for a change.

All varieties make for excellent fishing bait and will set you on the path to success. Fishing maize is a budget busting option that many anglers swear by. It's simple to prepare, easy to use and you can always have maize pre-prepared and at the ready just in case you find yourself with a little time to kill.

What more could you ask for?

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