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Best Fishing App

Fishing can be a relaxing distraction when you need to chill out. On those lazy days, it doesn't really matter what you catch. But if you are targeting a dream catch and want to improve your chances, there's an app for that!

Support your little grey cells with Fish brain

Rather than sitting by the water, hoping that you have chosen the best place to fish or the right time to be there, why not enlist the help of the latest digital assistant? The has now been enhanced by the Bite Time feature which helps you to plan your trips and perfect your timing. That prize fish may not prove so elusive in the future.

Fish brain is principally a photo-sharing app for anglers. But beneath the images there's a huge library of data. Fish brain collects and analyses data from catches including locations and conditions and this valuable information has been used to evolve Bite Time.

Millions of catches analysed

When we say there's a huge volume of data for Bite Time to call on, we mean huge! Currently boasting details of more than 5. 4 million catches in 30 different weather conditions, the app predicts the best time to fish for a particular species at any destination. Coverage is worldwide and with weather conditions, moon phases and air pressure factored in, you can ensure that you avoid a wasted journey.

User-friendly fishing app

The information you need is presented in bar graphs and so is easy to interpret. 50 different species of fish are covered. While fisherman have always relied on forecasts, boat captains and anecdotal evidence to pick their times, Fish brain also incorporates machine learning.

The app can process all of the available data and do the hard work for you so that you can set off in confidence when the time is right.

Bite Time calculates the best time of the day or night to catch the species you are targeting and boasts the most accurate fishing forecast ever created. As more enthusiasts take advantage of the app, it should be possible to prove or disprove the myths associated with fishing times for the various species. Experienced fishermen might think they know best, but they are about to find out if they really do!

For Android and iOS

Fish brain is available for Android and iOS. It is also one of Casio's partners on the new Pro Trek WSD-F30 smartwatch. The watch has sensors and mapping features which are obviously useful for users of the app. To take advantage of the Bite Time feature, you will have to invest in the premium version of Fish brain but if it turns out that it works, it could be money well spent and save you from many wasted expeditions.

In theory, the app should become progressively more accurate as new data is added. There are those who believe that technology takes the fun out of fishing while others will grab any advantage that they can.

Would you use an app to choose where and when you should fish?

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