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Best Baits For Summer Bream

Are you chasing bream and not meeting with success? Perhaps you need to rethink your fishing bait! Whether in still waters or rivers, shoals of bream can be there for the taking but often manage to avoid your hook completely!

You can succeed and without breaking the bank if you choose the right bait. Too much bait does not a successful day make! There may be dozens or even hundreds of bream in a shoal but that doesn't mean that you need to carry a ton of bait wherever you go.

You are trying to catch the fish not feed them! Heavy baiting may be counterproductive, so it could be time to change your strategy. The fish may be following what is known as a patrol route in which case they won't be keen on stopping.

Use too much bait and the fish will leave most of it, wasting your money and polluting the water.

Ground bait

The bulk of your offering should be ground bait but you should also take along sweetcorn, pellets and mini-boilies.

A few maggots will also boost your menu. Bream appreciate fishmeal ground baits meaning you don't need to spend the earth. A little goes a long way with bream so mix your ground bait with brown crumb to bulk it out.

Flaked maize is also a great addition as when soaked, it will swell up and deliver a milky haze with soft flakes that are highly appealing to bream. Sweeten the ground bait with molasses which is cheap and readily available; the bream absolutely love it!


Bream absolutely adore corn! It's easy for them to locate with its bright yellow colouring and salty taste plus the fish will spend plenty of time tucking into each grain which makes it a great hook bait.

Two or three grains on a hair will make your hook bait stand out.


12mm boilies are the perfect choice for night fishing if you are in search of the tastiest hook bait. The boilies are long-lasting and sweet flavours seem to work really well with bream.

Dead maggots

While live maggots may draw in too many small fish, dead maggots are an excellent bait during the daytime. Include dead maggots in your feed and on your hook as their lack of movement will keep the tiddlers away. Try four maggots on a 14 hook.


As with live maggots, worms could cause you a problem at a venue hosting plentiful small fish. However, in low-stocked water they might do the trick. Lobworms are an excellent choice if you can get them.

Hair-rig worms up to 4 inches long and add a piece of corn for buoyancy.


Yep! Bream love pellets too! They are especially attracted to high-oil halibut pellets. Just remember that ready-drilled baits may feature holes which are too large for a normal bait stop.

You can overcome this issue by adding a tiny piece of elastic band before the stop. Ready to catch some bream? We hope that our bait tips will help to find success the next time you head for the water!

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