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A Guide To Artificial Lures

If you're new to fishing, the world of fishing baits and lures can be a confusing topic. You'll find you have a vast array of bait and lures to choose from and you may be wondering what's what and how to make the best choices. This article is all about artificial lures.

This type of lure has the advantage that you can use them again and again, unless of course they're lost or a fish makes off with them. With a selection of lures at the ready, in time you may discover you have certain favourites that you wouldn't be without; lures that help you to snare your target catches time and time again.

Sounds good right? Well all you need to do is to decide where to start! Here is our guide to artificial fishing lures.

Crankbaits or Plugs

Crankbaits are cast and then retrieved rapidly to encourage fish to strike with aggression when you reel or crank the lure in. Crankbaits were originally carved from wood but are now generally fashioned from rigid plastic and resemble small fish.

They are an excellent choice if you are looking to catch catfish or carp and can be used for surface, subsurface or bottom fishing. Do not use crankbait in areas with weeds, brush or loose timber.


Poppers are artificial lures that feature a concave surface which makes a popping sound when tugged on by your rod. Poppers are designed to resemble insects and float on the surface of the water. These surface lures are ideal for catching pike!


A spoon is a type of lure that wobbles from side to side when it's retrieved and so mimics a speedy minnow or injured larger fish in the water. They have been used since the 1840s and are weighted to enable you to fish below the surface. A spoon lure is a great choice if you are fishing for bass, pike or other large species of fish.


Jigs are highly versatile lures that have a weighted head, a feathered skirt and an attachment that resembles a plastic grub. These artificial lures can be used at any time of year and to fish any area of water and you'll find they will attract bass, perch and pike.

Jigs should be utilised for short casts in order to target the surface or subsurface of the water.


Spinners are fishing lures that have a weighted end on a single hook. metal blades cause the lures to spin and so skip across the surface of the water. The flashes of light and vibrations created mimic small fish in the water. This fishing bait can used almost anywhere and is suitable for catching bass.


Artificial flies are the lightest lures and have a single hook with a feathered skirt. They are fashioned to mimic different fly species and feature an intricate construction.

Surface lures, flies are perfect for catching trout.

Choosing an artificial lure

The fish in different regions may be attracted by specific types of lure. You should seek local advice from experienced anglers if you are fishing somewhere for the first time.

They will be able to tell you what works best. You can also use liquid attractants with your fishing bait to make it even more attractive to your intended catch.

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