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Why you should become a Stalker

You have probably experienced many disappointing days by the lake when there is simply no action to be had. At least there appears to be no action. But what if there was something you could do to snaffle a bite? Sometimes it can pay to turn stalker and hunt down your catch rather than sitting around waiting for it to arrive at your swim.
In warmer weather, stalking will add a little excitement to your fishing trips and might deliver a more productive day. Here’s a few tips on how to become a successful stalker!

Dress wisely

Your stalking mission will be a covert operation during which you must remain firmly incognito! Dress in the drabbest clothing you own so that you can blend in with your surroundings and use trees and bushes to conceal your presence. Polarised shades are vital accessories as they will take the glare off the surface of the water and enable you to better see the fish. Drab clothing and posh specs are the order of the day!

The softly, softly approach

Move stealthily and don’t stomp around close to the bank. Walk softly and be aware of the shadows cast by the sun. You don’t want your own shadow moving across the surface of the lake as this will spook the fish.

Travel light

It’s almost impossible to be stealthy if you are weighed down by tonnes of equipment which you have to drag through the woods. Take only the essentials when you are stalking fish - rod and reel, end tackle, bait, your net and unhooking mat. You will make less noise and travelling light will mean that you are far more mobile. Even better, create a kit specifically for stalking. If you are going to turn detective, you need the appropriate gear.

Use a free line

The simplest rig can often enable you to catch the largest fish. Freelined bread, worms and floating pellets can yield impressive results and you won’t be weighed down by your gear as you investigate the possibilities. Tie a hook to your mainline and then move around the lake until you see a feeding fish, cast immediately to that fish and Robert’s a relative!

Keep moving

Laziness does not a great stalker make! You need to keep moving so that you can cover the entire lake. Don’t forget to look in every area including deep margins, clear spots, snags and under overhanging trees. When you see cloudy water or a hint of a tail breaking the surface, grab your opportunity and achieve a catch when others are bemoaning a barren day.

He who dares, wins

If things are slow, you can considerably improve your chances by exploring all of the water and keeping on the move. Don’t wait for things to happen to you, make them happen by doing something different. If you are more proactive, you will increase your catch and experience an enjoyable adventure whilst getting fitter. What’s not to like?


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