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Weird and Wonderful Fishing Bait

Most anglers have their preferred baits and will set off on their fishing trips well-prepared with it. But what happens when they're not prepared, they run out of bait or simply feel like trying something new? Anglers have proven to be a highly resourceful and inventive bunch and have been seen using the strangest baits when the need has arisen to try to hook a fish.

Anyone for Sandwiches?

I dare say that some of the strangest baits concerned tend to be the result of necessity being the mother of invention. Many of you will know that feeling, when you run out of bait and you start to examine what you have with you to see if there's anything that will do the trick. This probably explains the use of spam as bait together with various other foodstuffs which has clearly emanated from people's sandwiches.

Sweet tooth? - Confectionery

There have been several reports amongst anglers of gummy-worms being used successfully as bait. I guess there is some logic to this somewhere, as the sweets do look like worms by design (..note name) but I'm not sure exactly how the gumminess of it all works! Perhaps it's that some species of fish like a little treat and have a sweet tooth.


When all else fails, various items from the McDonald's menu appear to be popular choices. Chicken nuggets are one off the menu that's certainly mentioned frequently. Chicken of course is not a natural element of any fish's diet but then I often wonder if there is, in fact, any chicken in those nuggets.. It is slightly disturbing that fish appear seem to like them so much and they always seem far less interested in the toy! Just kidding.


What were we saying about Happy Meal toys?! Whilst food items are an obvious choice for bait, children's toys most certainly aren't. In spite of this, some anglers report having had great success with Lego bricks. One wonders why they happened to have these about their person or what made them think that they should take some along. Having said that, Lego is a marginally more rational choice than denture adhesive and yes someone has claimed to use that..


What!? Some anglers out there boast about having achieved good catches using cigarette butts in the past, picked up off the ground in the area where they've been fishing. I know that people find cigarettes addictive but I hadn't realised that fish do. It must be something about that distinctive and potent smell of tobacco.


Yep, that's right, you heard it here folks - some anglers are swearing by the use of condoms as bait (especially green ones apparently..?). I bet some of these guys' partners start wondering what kind of tackle their loved ones have been using on their fishing trips if they discover condoms in their bait boxes! Needless to say, it's one of the more unusual choices of bait and I'm sure that if there's any benefit then it really comes down to how the condom looks like a lure!


The weirdest bait ever tried hands down has to be an iPhone. The YouTube channel, aptly named, How Ridiculous has footage of a fisherman in Australia landing a salmon using an iPhone. It took just 15 minutes to get a bite with the smartphone. The angler in question claimed to have tried everything else without success before resorting to a phone. Is this video genuine? Who knows? - but it's a great watch. I guess the shimmer of the silver iPhone looked just too much like an ocean fish out of shoal.

The video in question.

What amazing baits and lures have you used to land your catches? If you have any tips then please do let us know here at Fishing Bait World!


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