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Unusual Fishing Bait

This is a post from Sally, one of those non-fishers who is lucky enough to live with one.

I am one of those complete philistines who does not enjoy fishing although I have to say that I do enjoy eating fish! Happily my partner loves fishing and so I am rarely short of a few tasty morsels in my freezer. That said, unfortunately Cod and Pollock are not the only marine life that I find lurking there...

Fishing Bait Everywhere

My partner will fish for anything, anywhere. His trips are always preceded by the acquisition of fishing bait which is stored in the kitchen until the big day. Take one look in my cupboards and you will find particle bait and boilies amongst the tinned tomatoes and salad dressings. On occasion, I have opened my fridge to find live bait perilously close my pork chops and don’t even talk to me about the freezer!

I could never have enough freezer space. Sometimes I open a draw in search of somewhere to store some meat for example, only to find a variety of fish tucked away for the next fishing excursion to the English Channel. This can obviously make life very confusing. Recently I committed and enormous faux pas by cooking two rather impressive looking Mackerel for dinner. My partner was quick to inform me that he disliked Mackerel and that this pair had been purchased as fishing bait. Oops! At least I hadn't cooked the particle bait!

Cat Treats

This episode did at least explain why any Mackerel that my partner had caught in the past had been fed to the cat. I had thought that these offerings were acts of kindness towards our fury friend but clearly not.

Hopefully my mistake with the Mackerel will be forgiven as I did help to find a rather brilliant attractant. Our house wasn't short on attractants to be honest, but we were on holiday and so had none with us. We were staying on the Italian coast but had no fishing bait or attractant because fishing had not been part of our original plans.

Any Port in a Storm

One day we found ourselves in a gorgeous cove and I decided to go for a dip. I was surprised to find that the water was teaming with fish. My partner rifled through our bag in search of some form of food to throw into the water so that I could get a better look at the fish. The only thing which came to hand was a packet of cheesy puffs. I found it hard to believe that any fish would be interested in those. After all, there aren't many cheesy puffs inhabiting the Mediterranean. But I was wrong!

I grabbed a few of the snacks and crumbled them into the water. The puffs immediately sparked a feeding frenzy the like of which I had never seen before. Every fish in the cove seemed to be attracted to the meal and I couldn't stop giggling, at least until the moment that I got stung by a jelly fish. Every species in The Mediterranean loved cheesy puffs except the jelly fish which it turned out, preferred my arm.

So there you have it. In my opinion you can forget all the science and fishermen's stories about their bait. I have seen it with my own eyes that potentially the best fishing bait out there is cheesy puffs! If only someone should harness that particular flavour into a more fishing friendly form than a corn snack.


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