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The Stunning Kulik Lodge

It's not cheap but if you want to enjoy the fishing trip of a lifetime and then some, you could do a lot worse than heading for Kulik Lodge. This outstanding fishing lodge is situated in the heart of Katmai National Park, Alaska. The scenery is sublime and the fishing is pretty exciting too.

It's hard to imagine anywhere quite as remote as Kulik Lodge. Surrounded by the peaks and glaciers of the Aleutian Range, the lodge can only be accessed by air. Katmailand Inc. operate both the lodge and the flights from Anchorage International airport. The flight alone is such a spectacular experience that you'll feel invigorated and inspired before you even arrive.

[caption id="attachment_113" align="alignnone" width="640"] Image: Kulik Area by Katmai National Park and Preserve (PD)[/caption]

What to Take

Alaska is notable for its changeable weather and so taking a range of layered outdoor clothing is a must. You'll need shirts, fleeces and a weatherproof jacket together with hiking boots and thick socks. Take your swimming trunks too, but not for a dip in the rather cold lakes rather there's a hot tub at the lodge that you won't want to miss out on.

It is advisable to take your own tackle although the lodge will loan you fly-rods and waders should you need and you can also purchase additional tackle on site. Take a 7 weight fly rod, a reel, floating line, a spare spool with sink tip line and waders. Most of the fishing is wet fly but you could also consider taking along dry fly, bait fish imitations and bright streamers.

Accommodation at Kulik Lodge

Your accommodation will be in a comfortable 2 person cabin which features a toilet and shower. The cabins at Kulik Lodge are heated and there's a central lodge with a dining area, a bar and a stone fireplace for evening gatherings. WiFi is also available if you really need contact with the outside world.

The Fishing

There's nothing quite like the majesty of the pristine Alaskan wilderness. Superb trout fishing is to be found adjacent to the lodge in the Kulik River and on the Nonvianuk and Kulik lakes. The crystal clear waters are prime habitat for the native rainbow trout. If trout fishing isn't enough for you then you are able to fly out to many hotspots which are within 100 miles of the lodge. Once there you'll be able to fish for arctic char, grayling, lake trout, pike and five different species of salmon. You can also enjoy a float trip or hike to several hidden streams.

Katmai National Park gives you the opportunity to fish in the company of Grizzly bears as of course they share your interest in the fish stocks! The rangers on-site will be able to advise you as to exactly how to behave around the bears.

Your Catch

You are permitted to take a limited number of salmon away with you but you are required to release your other catches. Your salmon will be gutted and packed for you and you can purchase insulated boxes for their transit.

How Much Does a Stay Cost?

Surrounded by volcanoes and some of the world's most striking landscapes, Kulik Lodge is a world class sport-fishing destination. The Lodge and it's surrounds are the perfect choice for a trip of a lifetime. You can expect to pay in the region of $3000 for a three night trip to the Lodge including your flights to and from Anchorage. Fly-outs come at an additional charge. All in all it may cost a lot of money but the ultimate experience will be priceless.

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