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The Most Pathetic Character in the Game

Fishermen dedicate hours of time and employ a fantastical array of equipment and bait in order to land their favoured catch. The pursuit of prize carp can be all-consuming but there's now a very special carp on the scene that you won't need carp pellets to find and capture...

Pokémon Go

You probably don't need me to go into what Pokémon Go is however if somehow you've missed the recent frenzy... Pokémon Go is a location based, augmented reality game that is taking the world by storm. Free to play, the game utilises GPS and the cameras of compatible devices to enable players to locate and capture various creatures. It is as though the characters inhabit the real world in front of the players. To be successful it is essential to actually travel around in the physical world to explore the game's full potential. There are 135 Pokémon to catch and you guessed it, one of them is based on a carp, it's called MagiKarp!

Flopping and Splashing

MagiKarp is a somewhat lopsided goldfish-type fish and happens to be just about the weakest character in the game. According to the game's description, "MagiKarp is a pathetic excuse for a Pokémon that is only capable of flopping and splashing"! Nonetheless he is fun to seek out. In Pokémon Go the hapless fish is to be found in bodies of water and so could appear if players happen to be close to a river. However, who knows, he could also crop up in the bath! If players wish to capture him they don't reach for their carp pellets as we anglers might assume, but rather throw a 'Poké Ball' at him.

A Huge Success

Pokémon Go was released earlier the year to great acclaim. It has become one of the most used smart device apps ever released and has surpassed the success of Candy Crush Saga already. The game is supported by in-app purchases of additional game play items. An optional companion in the shape of a Bluetooth wearable device will soon become available. This will be called the Pokémon Go Plus and will alert players when Pokémon are to be found nearby.


The game has delivered a considerable boost to Nintendo's stock value but has certainly attracted some controversy. It has been blamed for causing accidents and creating a public nuisance at popular locations where entry portals called PokéStops and Pokémon gyms are often to be found. However, it has also been credited with improving players' mental and physical health as it encourages players to walk about and interact with other gamers. Finally there is a game which actually gets people moving as a by-product!

It is said that Pokémon Go has also proven to be a useful aid for those who usually find socialising difficult and has boosted the fortunes of many businesses and visitor attractions. Those with a PokéStop nearby have in some cases found themselves with an impressive influx of new customers!

There is app for everything these days and now you can even pursue a carp with one, albeit a troubled creature that inhabits a virtual world. Pokémon Go is perhaps no substitute for fishing but it is great fun and inspires players to get out and about. The game was released in the UK on 14th July so you can download the app right now if you wish to pursue MagiKarp for yourself!


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