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The Drone Which Gives Fishermen the Edge

Every angler has their own methods which they believe will give them the edge. Various equipment, attractants and fishing baits help them to land a better catch. Now there is a new piece of technology that could give keen anglers a serious advantage.

PowerRay Submersible

The PowerRay Underwater drone by PowerVision will enable fisherman to enjoy an entirely new view of their sport. This unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) has been designed specifically to pursue fish.

The PowerRay is a submersible drone that features a front-facing camera which shoots 12-megapixel still shots with a wide-angled lens and 4K video. It will stream the footage via Bluetooth to a mobile device and there are some add-ons which could make fishing a very uneven contest.

Underwater Exploration

The drone can be used simply to explore under water and will work in extreme conditions including underneath frozen ice. When upgraded it becomes the angler’s ultimate tool and conducts underwater espionage to seek out the fish. The PowerRay can be equipped with sonar to seek out the fish and can then capture useful data regarding the landscape, the location of fish and the water temperature.

Delivering Bait

To make life even harder for the fish, a further add-on allows the drone to carry bait right up to the fish’s mouth! PowerVision, who produce the drone claim that the blue tinted light it features actually attracts fish to it and that the drone’s movements have been designed to mimic those of a fish.

Deep Water

The drone can dive to depths of 100 feet and the sonar is able to track fish to depths of 231 feet whilst being accurate to 4 inches. The sonar can be detached to leave the device operating like a conventional fish finder. The drone is controlled via an app and it is possible to utilise a touchscreen, gestures or VR goggles to control it.

PowerVision have not released the intended price point for this gadget yet but it is likely to be even more costly than their PowerEgg quadcopter which retails for around £1,000. So it isn’t a cheap piece of kit but it is an interesting concept and could be great fun to use to explore, whether you would use it to catch any fish or not is another thing entirely! With the sonar add-on the drone will weigh around 6kgs which isn’t too bulky and this clever gadget just might change the way people fish forever, except for the die-hard traditionalists of course, oh and those who like the sport of it!


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