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Recent Fishing News

There’s always something exciting happening in the world of fishing and we like to keep you up to date with the latest news. Here’s some interesting stories that you may have missed!

The World’s Oldest Fishing Hooks

The recent discovery of ancient fishing hooks has proved that humans developed fishing technology much earlier than previously thought. The hooks were found by archaeologists on the Japanese island of Okinawa (pic above) and are thought to be approximately 23,000 years old!

The hooks were fashioned from the shells of sea snails and were found in a cave on the island. Seashell beads and the charred remains of food including crab and small mammals were also discovered.

Enjoy a Fish’s Eye View

Anglers can now see precisely what lies beneath the surface of the water and gain a fish’ eye view. FishSpy is a marker float which incorporates a camera and streams footage to your mobile device. The technology is the result if two years of research and development together with a great deal of fishing!

FishSpy delivers fabulously clear images of lake beds from distances of up to 100 metres so you can cast with freedom. The device can handle being propelled, crashing down onto the water, sinking to 20 metres and floating for up to four hours. It can withstand the coldest water temperatures and weighs only 100 grams! FishSpy could really give anglers the edge.

A Dying Wish

Last month, a dying Vietnam veteran was able to fulfil his final wish. Connie Willhite simply wanted to go fishing one last time and staff at his hospice ensured that he could. Connie was dying from cancer and was too weak to even sit up. Staff wheeled his bed out to a nearby lake so he could enjoy his favourite hobby for the last time.

Connie had told staff that there was nothing like fishing and being outside. He knew that his time was limited but wanted to fish if it was at all possible. Hospice staff arranged for bait and gear and then wheeled him out to the lake in his hospital bed. It was felt that it was highly unlikely that he could catch anything as the lake had only just been stocked.

But Connie surprised everyone by catching four fish. His family said that he was truly happy and that he had returned to his old self for a while after his wonderful catch. He died just three days later.

Famous Sturgeon Finally Landed

Pig Nose is quite a celebrity in British Colombia. The giant sturgeon is thought to be around 80 years old and boasts a distinctive pink snout following an accident 40 years ago. Fishermen have been trying to land the legendary fish since it was first identified in the 1970s. But Pig Nose was finally captured last month by 19 year old Nick McCabe who is now a legend himself. Who will be the next fisherman to catch 300kg Pig Nose?


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