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Making Sense of Scents: Fishing Liquid Attractants

Fishermen have been lacing their bait since time began. Each enthusiast would have their own special methods and recipes which they believed to be fish-cocaine. Ingredients have ranged from the mundane to the downright weird and some potions have been jealously guarded secrets. But does haute cuisine for fish do the job or are stories of miracle attractants up there with the one that got away?

Liquid Attractants - The Gourmet Treat

Actually attractants are nothing more than the appliance of science. Fish have nostrils located above their mouths. Water flows through these nostrils and scent receptors then analyse it. The receptors can pick up on amino acids which tell the fish whether or not something is alive. Fish also have receptors in their mouths, in other words they have a sense of taste. Fish are liable to quickly let go of any bait which doesn't taste appealing but if something smells good and tastes delicious, well they just might hang around for bit. The right sniffs draw the fish in and then ensure that they stay. If the delicious tasting treat in question happens to be attached to your hook then Bob’s your uncle.

Fish can detect appealing aromas in incredibly small concentrations. Salmon, for instance, can detect a smell at levels of one part per million in water.

So attractants work but what recipes do you need to cook up to create the perfect menu for fish?

No More DIY

Actually, these days you don't have to get creative yourself. There's no need to experiment and you don't have to interrogate anglers to extract their secrets. All you need to do is invest in liquid attractants. A liquid attractant is ready made fish nirvana in a bottle. Manufacturers have conducted extensive research to come up with flavours to savour which are irresistible to fish.

Suitable for boosting the appeal of boilies, pellets, particle bait and ground bait, liquid attractants will really take your bait up a notch or two. They will attract fish and keep them biting whilst masking any odours which could put them off. There are attractants with instant appeal for every species and all you have to do is try a few to see which aromas and flavours hit the spot.

The Menu

So what’s on the menu? Well you could try an hors d’oeuvre Monster Crab or Green Lipped Mussel followed by Halibut Oil and perhaps topped off with a dessert of Tutti Fruiti. There are limitless choices and you will discover which choices work best for you. You could also mix a few of your own cocktails using several attractants to create the perfect blend.

There can be no doubt that liquid attractants work but arguments will always rage about which aromas are the top-dogs. Perhaps the truth is that results for each attractant will vary from one region to another and from one species to another. Maybe fish have tastes as varied as people. There is only one way to find out!


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