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How desperate are you for your fishing bait?

If the opportunity arises to take a fishing trip, it can be extremely frustrating if you don’t have the right bait to hand. When the shops are closed and it is too late to order online, what do you do? If you are heading out to sea, you could go the beach and dig up the lugworms you need. But even a digging session can go wrong and we don’t mean because there are no worms.

Broken shovel ends digging session

A man recently broke into a fishing shop in Cromer, Norfolk to steal some bait after his spade broke when he was digging for maggots! He was so desperate to get his hands on his bait that he was prepared to risk arrest by breaking and entering.
Unfortunately, he was, indeed, arrested.

Police called to shop

Police were called the shop in the middle of the night following reports of what appeared to be suspicious activity at the building. The man, whose name was Eugene Gould, was arrested and charged with attempted burglary. He later appeared at Norwich magistrates court. Mr Gould turned out be of no fixed abode and so had probably been attempting to fish for his dinner. He pleaded guilty in court.

Severe punishment

Eugene Gould’s legal representative explained to the magistrate that his client hadn’t committed such an offence for 20 years. Nonetheless, Gould was sentenced to 25 days of rehabilitation activity (whatever that is!) and given an 18-month community order. He is now residing at a local hotel. His final punishment was a curfew order which kept him indoors between 7pm and 7am for a period of 10 weeks. All of which sounds a little heavy handed considering that he didn’t actually manage to steal anything.

Store owner reacts decisively

We have to say that it must be incredibly frustrating if you are a shop owner and your stock is stolen. Many retailers around the world struggle to make a living and fishing specialists are no exception. Perhaps that is why a shop owner in Florida recently acted decisively when his store was broken into.

Surveillance footage

The shop in question was fitted with surveillance cameras and the owner, Brian Hayhurst, is hoping that the footage will help catch the thieves. The merchandise that was taken was of low value – two packets of hooks and a pair of pliers. But Hayhurst has explained that he might only take $50 in a day and so any theft is extremely provoking. He sells live bait and fishing gear but his business has been severely affected by the weather in recent times.

Hayhurst posted surveillance photos on Facebook and quickly received tips about who the thieves may be. He was keen to press charges to make a point. He wanted to emphasise that if you steal from his store, he will pursue you.

If you are desperate for bait, it might not be a great idea to try and steal it!


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