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Giant Catfish Landed by British Anglers in Spain

The Rio Ebro in Spain is a magnet for anglers from all over the world. Beautiful landscapes abound and the river is legendary for producing impressive catches. It is possible to fish for catfish, bass, black bass, carp and zander. Despite the fact that fishing tour operators tempt visitors with stories of enormous specimens, it is always tempting to think that these have been largely the ones that got away. But recently a group of anglers from Carlisle discovered that sometimes dreams really do come true.

Rio Ebro Catfish

Andy McCabe and six of his friends travelled to Mequinenza, Spain to fish for the Rio Ebro’s famous catfish. The group were experienced anglers but did not expect to land anything quite as large as the monster catfish which would prove to be the highlight of their trip.

Fishing After Dark

On their fourth day in the region and at about 10pm Andy felt that there was something on his rod. It became apparent that he was struggling to keep hold of the rod and that whatever was at the end of his line was really huge. Andy was in for the fight of his life. Nobody had seen the fish yet but Andy fought with it manfully and was soon forced to join his tour guide in the boat. The dual between man and fish lasted for 40 minutes. By now it was completely dark.

The 17 Stone Monster

Eventually Andy looked over the side of the boat and with his head light he could see that he was dealing with a very large Wels Catfish. The guide indicated that he believed the fish to be over 200lbs. The pair finally managed to haul the fish into the boat. They then headed for their camp so that they could weigh the catch. The scales indicated that they had landed a 238lb specimen. It was the catch of their dreams. It was the largest catfish that even the guide had ever seen landed.

The fish was later returned safely to the river where it will remain until perhaps another lucky angler manages to catch it.

The group had a very successful trip and caught plenty of catfish and carp together with a rare linear carp. But nothing compared that amazing monster catfish.

Record Catfish

In 2011 the largest albino catfish ever landed was caught in the same waters. That fish weighed an impressive 194lbs. The largest catfish ever caught anywhere was a Giant Mekong Catfish captured in Thailand in 2005. It weighed an unbelievable 646lb!


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