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Fishing Liquid Attractants? What about Audible Attractants?

You may have used fishing liquid attractants in order to enhance your chances of a good catch in the past. Mankind has been attempting to outwit fish since time began and anglers like us are now well versed in choosing bait, lures and attractants to improve our success rate. Fishing liquid attractants can be highly effective but there could be another weapon to add to your fishing armoury that you might not have previously considered. This attractant draws in the fish using sounds rather than smells.

The Phone App for Fish

Greg Bambenek is a native of Minnesota and the son of a commercial fisherman. Back in the day Greg's father used to whack the water with a paddle after baiting his lines on the Mississippi and swore that this drew the fish in closer. Greg decided to take this idea one step further and has created an iPhone app called 'TalkWithFish'. This application plays sounds underwater via a speaker that's attached to the phone.

Fishy Sounds

The irresistible sounds on Bambenek's app include bass crunching crayfish, bluegills eating beetles and.. ahem, herring farts! Well, they're not actually farts but they are the sound of herring expelling gas. The special recordings featured on the app allegedly bring the fish in and put them in the mood to strike. The sounds can be heard at a distance of 100 yards.

Liquid Attractants

Greg Bambenek is no stranger to attractants as he is the creator of 'Dr Juice' fishing liquid attractants which have been available since 1980. He has been busy experimenting with underwater sound for over 20 years. The arrival of smartphones and apps gave him the perfect way to play the sounds and to market his product. Anglers simply download the app ($0.99), invest in a speaker and then choose a sound that is appealing to the species they are attempting to catch.

The Cost

The app features 3 sounds but you can download a further 21 freshwater calls, 19 saltwater calls and 39 fresh/saltwater calls for an additional charge. With all 79 calls costing just $6.99 you won't have to break the bank in order to find out if the app works well for you. Unless you drop your phone in the water, of course!

If you find yourself fishing in a river using waders then you can even attach the speaker onto your wader, meaning you really can use the app anywhere!

Fishy Story or Success Story?

If your favourite bait and fishing liquid attractants have worked well for you then you may not feel that you need to invest in an audible attractant. On the other hand you don’t have much to lose with this app. In any case it is an interesting concept and it will be fascinating to see how many anglers find success using it.


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