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Fishing Liquid Attractants

Folklore and the humble Banana

Ask any boat fisherman about bananas and you'll probably get a frosty response, suspicious looks and may even get asked to leave the boat if you have been foolish enough to pack one of these seemingly innocent fruits in your lunch box for your day's fishing expedition. It seems that fishermen in general are a superstitious bunch, but boat fishermen tend to take things to extremes!

Are Bananas Bad Luck?

The superstition that bananas are bad luck goes back many centuries and probably arose when transporting bunches of these fruits by sea over long distances. There may be many reasons why this humble fruit came to have such bad connotations on board sea-going vessels, but it's highly likely that this particular superstition is based around ill health and mysterious deaths at sea.

As we have all probably heard in the past, bunches of  for a variety of nasty creatures including poisonous spiders, ants and snakes. The banana fruits themselves also can, if not stored correctly, provide excellent breeding grounds for spores and fungi, so may lead to vomiting and diarrhoea if allowed to go mouldy; probably not the best thing to happen to anyone at sea!

Failing those potentially dangerous hazards of having bananas on board, it's probably wise to mention that as we all know from watching all those cartoons in our youth, banana peels can be rather slippy... not great on the deck of a boat which is already covered in fish guts!

In fact a lot of the superstition surrounding taking bananas on-board boats has been used as an excuse whenever a fishing trip goes wrong, however looking at the scientific evidence it's clear that the humble banana actually has a lot to offer fishermen and the notion of bananas as being bad for fisherman is actually completely wrong!

Bananas as fishing liquid attractants

Scientific trials have been made in the last few years on the effectiveness of banana essence as fishing liquid attractants. It turns out that chemicals in bananas actually attract fish! One of the active ingredients in bananas acts as a synthetic female hormone for fish, so acts as an attractant for male fish, which means that far from being unlucky for fishermen, bananas should be in every tackle box!

Lures and fishing baits are now being manufactured World wide with added essence of banana and they seem to be very successful in attracting fish of all types. One enterprising company is even adding the active ingredients from bananas into hard plastic lures during the manufacturing process, so that these lures will always give off eu-de-banana!

Of course here at Fishing Bait World we will be offering a range of fishing liquid attractants and we may even supply some based around bananas. Just don't mention it to your skipper next time you are out boat fishing...


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