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Fishing Bonanza - Rainbow Trout Accidentally Released

If you enjoy angling for rainbow trout, then the place to be right now is Denmark! 80,000 fish are unexpectedly swimming free in a Danish fjord, 124 miles west of the capital Copenhagen.

Fish Farm Hit by Cargo Ship

The rainbow trout were released when a cargo ship sailed into a trout farm in the western Baltic Sea. The net was torn apart and all 80,000 residents of the fish farm escaped. Now Danish anglers are all rushing to the fjord to catch the fish. They will probably enjoy their time fishing but have headed to the fjord primarily to stop the farmed trout from disrupting the ecological balance of the region.

[caption id="attachment_203" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Rainbow Trout by via Flickr ()[/caption]

Fish Farm Seeks Compensation

The accident is under investigation by the Danish Maritime Authority. The ship involved is thought to be the MV Karmel, a general cargo ship registered in Malta. No one was injured in the incident but the ship might be fined for its actions. The vessel was sailing from Kaliningrad in Russia to Kolding in Denmark when it ran into the fish farm between the Danish islands of Funen and Jutland. The owners of the fish farm are unsurprisingly seeking compensation from the shipping company. The farm’s stock was completely lost as was worth approximately $1.5 million.

Ecological Disaster

Many of the fish had reached 3kg in weight and were due to be slaughtered during the week of the accident. Unfortunately, the incident could not have occurred at a worse time for the environment as the sea trout in the area are about to spawn. The eggs are the perfect meal for rainbow trout and so there could be an ecological disaster. However, some experts feel that the rainbow trout may starve to death because they have been fed all of their lives and so have never had to hunt for food.

Anglers Needed!

Sport fisherman are being encouraged to travel to the region in order to catch as many of the escaped fish as possible. It is hard to imagine there being enough anglers to land 80,000 fish though.

The incident highlights the fact that fish farms do represent a significant threat to the environment. It only takes one wayward ship to cause a disaster and the ecosystem could take years to recover.


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