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Angler Eats a Potentially Record Catch

Back in 2011 the UK record for a shore-caught Sea Bass was an impressive 19lbs 11oz. However, that record would surely have been surpassed had angler Kurt Price not eaten his prize catch before getting around to weighing it.

The Chosen Fishing Bait and the Catch

Kurt Price was a keen angler from Cwnbran, Wales. He was fishing from the shore in the popular holiday resort of Tenby. At around 10pm one evening he got a bite and immediately released that he was dealing with a big fish. His chosen fishing bait was ragworm and squid in case you were wondering what his secret was.

[caption id="attachment_118" align="alignnone" width="640"] Tenby by Ed Webster ()[/caption]

Landing the Monster

The Bass took ten minutes to reel in. Kurt, a landscape gardener, did think to have his picture taken holding his catch when he finally landed it but then headed back to his caravan without giving it a second thought.

A Tasty Meal

Kurt and his friend Kevin Lowcher had been very much enjoying a weekend fishing trip and were staying at a local caravan park. The next day the pair filleted the fish and cooked it in thyme, coriander and lemon before tucking in to a tasty meal of Bass with new potatoes and vegetables. Apparently Kurt does not normally enjoy eating fish but even he thought this one was delicious. The anglers ate two fillets and then took the rest of the fish home with them where it was consigned to Kurt’s freezer.

A Shock Discovery

Neither angler had considered that this large fish might have been a record breaker as they believed that the standing record was nearer 40lbs. What they did know is that the fish was really big. This became especially apparent when they started filleting it and they later described the head as being about as big as a dinner plate.

With their catch in the backs of their minds, when the pair returned home they decided to check in on the record online and were shocked to realise that the fish they had eaten could well have broken the record – if they had bothered to weight it and record it of course, which they hadn’t. Kurt and several fishing experts who have seen the photo of the fish believe that it was easily bigger than 20lbs.

Greedy Fish

The size of this particular Sea Bass may have been down to its apparent greed. It had bitten on Kurt’s fishing bait of ragworm and squid but already had another fish in its stomach.

The fish would almost certainly have beaten the record held by Stephen Cave who caught his specimen off the Isle of Wight in 2007.

As it turned out, Kurt could have held the record to this day. Stephen Cave’s catch was beaten in 2012 by a 19lb 12oz Bass caught in Portsmouth docks by J.S. Locker. Kurt’s catch was almost certainly bigger than that. It wasn’t the one that got away, it was the one that unfortunately was eaten!

Whether you're going to catch and release or catch to eat, this tale reminds us that it's always worth checking the records and recording any especially large specimens fully, including weight, as you just never know!


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