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A-Maize-Ing Fishing Bait

Particle baits are highly effective for carp and course fishing but must be properly prepared. Under-prepared baits can be fatal to fish as the bait absorbs water and then swells. If this process occurs inside the fish's gut then there will be no happy ending. However, the good news is that particle baits can be unbelievably effective attractants and this certainly includes fishing maize.

Gourmet Bait

The preparation of maize not only renders it safe for the fish, it also makes it much more appealing to them. Preparation involves soaking and boiling and this causes the release of the oils and attractors from the particle bait. It will be transformed from bland to delicious!

You can also get creative during the preparation process by adding extra ingredients in order to make the maize irresistible. Salt, sugar, garlic, molasses or even chilli might prove to produce the recipe for success. You could also invest in special flavourings to ensure that your maize becomes a veritable fish magnet. Why not give yourself the edge over other anglers?

So how do you prepare your maize and produce haute cuisine for carp?

Perfect Preparation

Actually preparation is easy but you do need to allow enough time before your next fishing trip.

Unprepared maize is rock hard which means it will swell when it comes in contact with water. It is also so hard that you won't be able to attach it to your hooks so a little soaking and cooking are in order.
Start by covering the maize in water and then leave it to soak for roughly two hours. You can add your tasty extra ingredients at this stage to allow the maximum time for the maize to take on the flavour. (Note: You should perhaps avoid using your best cooking pots for your maize!)

Next you should add more water until there is two parts water to one part maize in the pot. Put your pot on your hob and turn on the heat. Bring the pot to the boil and simmer for around 30 minutes. Gosh this sounds like you are creating a nice casserole for your dinner!

The maize will start expanding after about 10 minutes of cooking. When the 30 minutes is up it will be ready to use as bait. The fishing maize will still be hard but you should be able to split it when you pinch it. Unlike hemp, fishing maize does not have an unfortunate odour when you cook it and so will not make your kitchen smell like a cannabis farm!

Fishing Maize at the Ready

All you have to do now is pop your bait into a bait tub or any sealable container. Close the lid and leave the fishing maize to cool. You are now ready to bait your hooks with your irresistible gourmet bait.

Are You The Gordon Ramsay of the Fishing Maize World?

Do let us know about your own special ingredients. We are sure that there are some great tips out there which Fishing Bait World regulars would love to hear about. If you have discovered a winning fishing maize recipe then please spill the beans!


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