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Rod Hutchinson

Rod Hutchinson Recovery & Retention Sling

Rod Hutchinson Recovery & Retention Sling

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The Rod Hutchinson Recovery & Retention Sling XL is designed for short-term carp fishing, providing the camera with a stand-alone or better lighting setup. On the sides, separate panels with mesh fabric allow for good water retention and recovery. The top is made from a solid, opaque material to prevent reflected light and avoid unnecessarily exciting the fish. The two rails won't let the sides apart, so the fish can 'stick' to you, even if the bag itself offers plenty of movement for fish over 40 kg. Two reinforced carry handles and a cradle strap, as well as two 'D' rings at both ends, are included for attaching a tether. It comes in a nylon bag with thermal insulation and a small pocket for the tether, and also features floating support/overflow fittings, an overall length of 125 x 40 x 60 cm, mesh inlets for perfect water drainage, zips with attitude and total length, as well as clip fastenings for full opening zipper front, so that the fish don't get caught on the fastener. For more freedom of movement, the bag also includes double D-rings for attaching the tether.

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