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Multiple Magic & Aniseed Particle MIx


Multiple Magic & Aniseed 5kg Multiple magic is also crammed with all sorts of goodies that carp adore and it is the perfect companion to pellets baits. Multiple magic also fulfills all the important criteria we ask of a particle or seed blend in that it is visual, smells good thanks to the aniseed oil content, ferments quickly, is nutritious and best of all, inexpensive! Directions for use The easiest way to prepare multiple magic is simply to soak the blend overnight in a large bucket. This allows the seeds and other food particles to swell and take on water, so they will not swell up inside the gut of the carp . However, you are really not going to get the best out of the bait unless you take a bit more time and trouble so this is the best way of preparing multiple magic * Place the dry Multiple Magic in a large saucepan (or two if you need a larger amount) * Add one tablespoonful of salt per kilo of dry seeds. * Now pour on boiling water to cover the seeds and stir to dissolve and distribute the salt. * After about 4 hours you will notice that a lot of the water has been absorbed so add more boiling water to cover the seeds once again. * After 24 hours in soak the seeds are ready to be cooked. * Place the pan over a high heat and bring the water to the boil. * One the water is boiling turn down the heat to simmer and cover the pan with its lid. * Simmer * Turn the heat up slightly and reduce the remaining water. * Allow to cool. * Cover and leave in a warm atmosphere for 2-3 days. You will note that the gluten in the grains begins to leak out after 24 hours or so, and the longer you leave it the more it ferments and the smellier it gets. Ingerdients: (most) White millet Black rape Red dari White dari wheat Linseed Buckwheat Safflower Cooked Maize Tares Canary seed Hempseed Aniseed oil (least)