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ForFarmers Omega Gold Calf Milk Powder


ForFarmers Omega Gold Calf Milk Powder 25kg A high performance calf milk replacer formulated to provide the balanced nutrition that gives:- high growth rates- improved health- maximum bloomand conditionFeeding guidelines:Omega Gold + Super Shield is formulated for restricted bucket feeding, ad-lib feeding and automatic milk machines (not requiring free flow).Mixing:For ‘once a day’ feeding mix 150g powder/litre of warm water. For standard ‘twice a day’ feeding mix 125g powder/litre of warm water. For accelerated‘twice a day’ feeding mix 150g powder/litre warm water.Temperature:Omega Gold + Super Shield should be mixed with water at 42°C to give a constant feeding temperature of 40°C. Dissolve the correct weight of powderin ¾ of the amount of warm water, then add more warm or cold water to achieve 40°C. Ensure thorough mixing of powder in warm water.Forage:Fresh, clean straw should be offered at all times to encourage concentrate intake and rumen development.Concentrates:For early rumen development and weaning it is important to offer a specialist dry feed from 4 days of age. The Earlycare dry and coarse calf starterproducts are all carefully formulated to encourage rumen development.Weaning:Calves should be weaned when eating 1kg of Earlycare calf dry feed on 3consecutive days and are seen to be cudding. For Fishing Small quantities will give your bait a unique flavouring and the creamiest of tastes. Ideal for use with fruity flavours.