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ForFarmers Ewbol Lamb Milk Powder Replacer


ForFarmers Ewbol Lamb Milk Replacer 10kg A high performance lamb milk replacer formulated to provide balanced nutrition.- high survival rates- lamb vigour- rapid growthHow to feed:Mixing: Add 200g of Ewbol LambCare milk replacer to 1 litre of water.For the first 3 days of feeding mix and feed Ewbol LambCare at 37°C.For the remainder of the feeding period Ewbol LambCare can mixed and fed between 25-45°C.Feeding: Ewbol LambCare milk replacer is specifically formulated to allow machine feeding, cold ad-lib feeding and restricted bucket feeding. For Fishing Small quantities will give your bait a unique flavouring and the creamiest of tastes. Ideal for use with fruity flavours.