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Dynamite Baits

Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Carp Groundbait 900g

Dynamite Baits Swim Stim Carp Groundbait 900g

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Our premium groundbait range, the UK’s no.1 match bait and a proven winner!

Contains Koi Technology to stimulate feeding. SwimStim is easy to mix and can be used in other applications including making paste. Attracts a mix of species and is equally at home on a commercial carp or F1 water as it is on big natural bream still waters and rivers. 

  • Top match anglers ground-bait of choice
  • Our premium range of groundbaits containing the best fishmeals available
  • The ‘special Koi technology’ ingredients make these ground-baits unique
  • Includes proven feed stimulants, such as pure krill and betaine that hold fish with-out overfeeding
  • Very versatile – perfect for all types of feeder fishing, pole fishing, ‘balling in’ or even creating soft paste mixes
  • Exceptional pulling power for targeting carp, tench, barbel and bream
  • Easy to mix
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