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Dynamite Baits Pulse Sweet & Milky


Dynamite Baits Pulse Sweet & Milky 2.5 Litre With no added preservatives the Sweet & Milky Pulses and Particles are based on our Naked Pulses & Particles but with added sweet palatants to create a sweet flavoured cloud in the water. These are as natural as you can get for a particle mix. Cooked in the jar these fish-loving chunky particles contain a number of different particles from maize and wheat to hemp, all sitting in their own natural oils. Available in a 2.5 litre jar for longer sessions or heavy feeding/prebaiting campaigns or in a 700g tin for short sessions or when small quantities are required. Ready to use straight from the tin or jar… Cooked in the jar or tin to retain oils and natural attractants No preservatives are used in the cooking process Ready-to-use straight from the tin or jar