Skretting supreme quality baits!


Skretting offers a range of aquafeeds and services to a global market. Their angling experts have researched and developed innovative products that aim to meet the nutritional requirements of both fish and shrimp. Skretting not only uses the optimum mix of ingredients but also new extruder technology which produces a more digestible stable pellet with less dust. Skretting pellets give the best nutritional benefit to the fish.

Skretting sees the production of fish and shrimp feed as an intricate matter. They’re consistently regulating both the ingredients and processes in order to improve the physical quality of the pellets. Advances in product technology have also lead to a more sustainable process. Skretting also sources all raw material from responsible sources. Here are some examples from the Skretting pellets range. 

White pellets

Skretting while pellets are delicately designed and carefully prepared to really stand out on the bottom. They’re ideal for fishing in shallow water especially and make a great addition to any angler’s kit. They work well for anglers who are trying to change the direction of the fish by drawing their attention. Skretting white pellets are great bait if you’re using a flick rig, for example, as they stand out in the background much more than other pellets.

Skretting coarse pellets

These classic skretting pellets are low oil and come in a range of sizes from 2.3mm to 11mm. They either come in “natural” or in a variety of flavours. These include a chocolate orange additive. The chocolate orange method mix is strong fishmeal with a chocolate aroma. They also have flecks of orange running through them. These act as high-viz particles which attract the visual attention of the fish.

Skretting pellets are also available in aniseed flavour. Aniseed powder is a well-known and effective fish attractor. It’s actually been used by anglers for hundreds of years, particularly in freshwater fisheries. It works on a variety of fish, not just roach, which it is commonly used for. 

High oil pellets

High oil skretting pellets are formulated for fish with a particularly high metabolic rate. High oil pellets are also high in attraction and suitable for most freshwater species. They have a slow breakdown for gradual leakage. They contain a carefully selected combination of high-quality ingredients. 

Skretting pellets vary in levels of oil according to the species and type of fishing they’re used for. Their feed is designed purposefully for different types of fish and you can choose accordingly. Skretting takes into account the unique requirements of both the fish and the angler. They can provide you with bait for any situation.

These pellets are packed full of goodness and fish attractants. Seen as they contain a high level of nutrients and feed stimulants, they can hold a variety of fish for a long time in your swim. They’re also highly palatable and will benefit the fish as well.