Dynamite Baits

Absolutely Dynamite!

We’re proud to stock a comprehensive range of products by Dynamite Baits. They are one of the best-known brands in the sport and produce a range of carp bait fishing products that are popular with anglers of all types. They are the largest and most successful European bait company. Their huge range of quality products includes:


Even though they are one of the most successful fishing brands in the world, Dynamite Baits is a proud British company that produces all of their bait products from their Nottingham factory. They are best known for their Source Bollie, which they have been perfecting since it was released back in 2002.

The excellent reputation is well deserved!

Product research

Dynamite is always looking for ways to refine and improve its range of products and ingredients. In addition to working and studying the best fisherman, they also look outside of the sport for innovative ideas. For example, they often look at the food industry for ideas, utilising techniques from ice cream makers to ensure that their range of baits releases their flavours at even very cold temperatures.

Their extensive research and testing have led to their very own ‘secret recipe’ that the carp seem to love.

It is this attention to detail that sets them apart. They design their bait not only to attract the fish but to give them all of the nutrients they need to thrive in challenging conditions.

Dynamite fishing bait sponsorship

Their commitment to the sport of fishing is impressive and they sponsor many of the sports top anglers in a range of disciplines. ick Brown, Steve Ringer and Terry Heam, stars of the angling world, benefit from Dynamite’s products and support. They also use their experience to help Dynamite continually improve their range.

Dynamite also support a range of competitions and initiatives that encourage new and young anglers to take up the sport and projects to improve and protect the UK’s fish stocks and waterways.

Get tips & advice from the best!

Head over to the Dynamite Baits website for a treasure trove of hints and tips on all aspects of fishing. You can learn everything there is to know through their comprehensive blog, video tutorials and Q&As with the best in the industry.

Their sponsored anglers regularly feature on their blogs, giving help and encouragement to others. They also have a section on their website dedicated to showcasing the achievements of fisherman all over the UK. Here you can upload photos and videos of your latest catch and see what people all over the country have been landing.

With Dynamite Baits, you can be sure that you are getting the best. Not only are their products popular all over the world, but their support for the industry, in general, is what set them apart from many other brands.