Coppens premium fishing baits

Coppens are specialists in fish feed. They develop, market, and produce fish feed for both industrial and hobby fishing. Coppens cater to every kind of angler, from light tackle to specimen hunters. Whether you want to catch large numbers of small fish or fish for large carp and catfish, Coppens can provide the pellets for you. They offer a range of types of pellets including special extruded feed pellets, hookable baits and feed pellets. Here are some examples of the Coppens pellets range. Each one is specially formulated for the anglers of today.

Premium coarse feed pellets

There are many benefits to these types of Coppens pellets. They’re highly palatable which means they’ll appeal more to various types of fish. This also means they’re of a high nutritional benefit to the fish. These types of pellets are low oil feed which also adds to their nutritional value. Coppen pellets typically contain a high level of nutrients and feed stimulants, which these do as well.

Coppens premium coarse feed pellets are high water stable, which means they’re less likely to break down. Other ingredients include krill and attractants like fish oil. They’re 6mm in size and contain a high amount of protein and healthy levels of fat, crude fibre and ash. 

Astax expanders

These Coppens pellets are floating expanders and highly digestible by various types of fish. These expanders also pump well and maintain a good shape. They’re available in different sizes including 4.5mm, 6mm, or crushed. They come in fishmeal flavour. Coppens expanders are milled by expert anglers.

Low oil carp pellets

These are premium carp feed pellets which are specially formulated for carp and other cyprinids. They are made up of nutritious ingredients such as fishmeal, fish oil and several grains that attract cyprinids. Coppens professional anglers have expertly selected these ingredients to attract these kinds of fish.

These pellets are designed to let off their aroma immediately in the water with a long-lasting effect. They have limited water stability but are very effective once they start to melt. If you opt for the lighter coloured pellets you’ll also have an advantage as these stand out against the dark bottom of the water. They’re effective in winter as well as fish require a lower-fat diet. 

Coppens base feed

Coppens also offer all-purpose feed pellets which are rich in animal protein and attractants such as fish oil. They’re attractive to many types of fish and ideal for different levels of anglers. Coppens base feed is sinking and waterstable for 1-2 hours.

Coppens supply leading angling feeds for both professional anglers and enthusiastic hobbyists. You can find a range of Coppens pellets for all your fishing needs. Coppens also pride themselves on aquaculture and sustainability. Their experts have carried out extensive research into environmental impact, ensuring they always meet the needs of the fish as well as those of the market and customers.