Bait Tech

Top quality fishing bait from Bait-Tech

Bait Tech uses only specialist suppliers and unique manufacturing processes to produce high-quality bait. Their ethos is to use individual, natural and unusual ingredients which results in the most digestible and palatable bait to fish. Bait Tech’s unique and innovative extrusion and cooking process also help to produce the best bait. From match to specimen, you can be sure that Bait-Tech will be able to provide the right bait for you.

Bait-Tech is also dedicated to trialing and testing products. They were with a number of pro-anglers in order to get expert feedback. Bait Tech technicians are committed to developing the perfect method to create new bait products and ideas. Their baits are even tested to extreme levels of angling, so they can optimise their performance. Here are some examples from their range. 


This is one of the most traditional types of bait to attract fish. Bait-Tech uses new and unique formulas based around commercials with a fast breakdown and low binding qualities. This makes it perfect for clipping, throwing, and holding fish in your swim. 


Bait Tech pellets come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours for all types of angling. The range starts from micro pellets and goes all the way up to 20mm halibut pellets. Bait Tech pellets can also be used alongside other types of bait. Bait Tech pellets can also be used as hookbait and are very versatile. 


There are different types of hookbaits from manmade to natural baits such as worms and mixed boilies. Bait Tech uses a unique blend of ingredients and additives to produce the ideal hookbait for different levels of fishing. Bait Tech also offers multiuse pellets that can be used as hookbaits, such as hybrid barbel hookbaits. 

Prepared particles

Bait-Tech’s prepared particles are produced using an effective combination of seeds and pulses. These are popular ingredients among several types of fish. The correct preparation is key as they can be harmful if not, and Bait Tech’s methods are innovative and precise. They’ve taken the hard work out of preparing your own bait so that you can be sure you have the perfect combination of both harmless and delicious baits. 

All particles come ready soaked in their own flavours and nutrients and are prepared in their own tins. This ensures the maximum quality and that no fish attracting ingredients are lost in the production process. 

Additives & attractors

These make a perfect addition to groundbait and other types of baits. The Bait-Tech range of additives and attractors has a variety for any situation. They also come in a variety of forms including powder, liquid, sugars, and salts. The Bait Tech experts have already tried and tested a number of combinations. 

Bait Tech offer a range of unique products for all your angling needs. You’ll be sure to find an advanced bait solution for any level of fishing.