World Record Carp Landed in Thailand

At Fishing Bait World Blog we’ve recently highlighted some of the record carp specimens which have been landed in British waters. However, if you want to grapple with a veritable monster then it seems you must head to Thailand! Last month angler Tim Webb spent 90 minutes battling with a really serious specimen. But the fish turned out to be well worth the trouble when it weighed in at 222lb and set a new world record. Continue reading “World Record Carp Landed in Thailand”

Giant Catfish Landed by British Anglers in Spain

The Rio Ebro in Spain is a magnet for anglers from all over the world. Beautiful landscapes abound and the river is legendary for producing impressive catches. It is possible to fish for catfish, bass, black bass, carp and zander. Despite the fact that fishing tour operators tempt visitors with stories of enormous specimens, it is always tempting to think that these have been largely the ones that got away. But recently a group of anglers from Carlisle discovered that Continue reading “Giant Catfish Landed by British Anglers in Spain”

How is Your Rod Licence Money Spent?

Nobody relishes paying fees and taxes. Anglers are obliged to pay for their rod licences and this is a fee which many would doubtless prefer not to pay. Perhaps this is how you feel but you might be more enthusiastic about the charges if you knew that the money was being put to good use? Continue reading “How is Your Rod Licence Money Spent?”

Fishing Rod Licences – Current Laws and Proposed Changes

In England, Wales and the Esk region of Scotland you require a rod licence to legally fish for salmon, trout, freshwater fish, smelt or eel on any waters. You need a licence even if you are fishing on private lakes and only children under the age of 12 are exempt. Even then, if you help a child by holding the rod, you need a licence! Continue reading “Fishing Rod Licences – Current Laws and Proposed Changes”

Fishing Bonanza – Rainbow Trout Accidentally Released

If you enjoy angling for rainbow trout, then the place to be right now is Denmark! 80,000 fish are unexpectedly swimming free in a Danish fjord, 124 miles west of the capital Copenhagen. Continue reading “Fishing Bonanza – Rainbow Trout Accidentally Released”

The World Course Angling Championships 2016

This year, Bulgaria hosted the 63rd World Course Angling Championships. In this event, the participating nations compete in teams of six with the medals being awarded to the teams who land the highest aggregate weight of fish. There are also medals for the leading individual anglers. The event has taken place on rivers, canals and still waters over the years but this year the venue was the rowing course at Plovdiv. Continue reading “The World Course Angling Championships 2016”