How to hold a prize carp for a picture

Holding up your caught carp for that perfect picture is a necessary part of the fishing process if you want to have a record of that great moment. There are certain rules that you should follow though to be able to do this safely and effectively.

Hand temperature

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Do carp feed in the Winter?

What does this mean for you?

Carp are cold blooded and therefore, when the water temperature drops over the winter, so does their body temperature. When the temperature of carp drops in this way, unlike humans, they cannot heat themselves up by moving about. In fact, in these conditions, carp actually move a lot less and their metabolism is reduced. When a cold period goes on for a long time, carp can sit more or less motionless at certain times in the day. Continue reading “Do carp feed in the Winter?”

How to Catch Carp in the Spring

The spring is a time of reawakening and renewal. This is certainly the case for the flowers and the trees, as sunlight hours increase, and the temperature rises once more after the dark winter months. But the reinvigorating conditions of life and of general activity on dry land can also be said to happen in the waters, as the rise in the water temperature means that the carp become more active and in turn need more food to fuel this increase in activity. With carp on the hunt for food, the potential for bountiful angling also heightens. Continue reading “How to Catch Carp in the Spring”

What is the best bait for carp fishing?

If you can find bait which seems to stir some extra enthusiasm in the waters, then you are already some way towards a successful session. There are various options though when it comes to bait for carp fishing and the market for great quality products in this department appears to keep on expanding. It can only be useful then to take a moment to consider a few of the various options on offer that give you the best chance of success.

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Leading Fishery Builds Fences to Protect Stock

Wingham Fisheries near Canterbury, Kent has become the latest establishment to install fencing to protect its fish stocks from otters. A number of British fisheries have been forced to close after losing their stock to the resurgent wild otter. Continue reading “Leading Fishery Builds Fences to Protect Stock”

How to Make Your Own Boilies

If you enjoy fishing for carp, barbel, catfish or tench, it’s a great idea to make your own boilies. A little DIY enables you to tailor your bait to your needs and to experiment with flavours. Your pride in your catches will be considerably enhanced when you know that you created the successful bait yourself! Continue reading “How to Make Your Own Boilies”

The Trend for Urban Fishing

If your idea of the perfect place to fish is a countryside location, it might be time to think again. Urban fishing is growing in popularity and could be the next big thing.

Many major cities were developed adjacent to rivers but as the urban sprawl expanded, the rivers were often forced underground or constrained in culverts, drains and tunnels. The city of Sheffieldd is spearheading Continue reading “The Trend for Urban Fishing”

Climate Change and Recreational Fishing

Recreational fishing is important! Not only does angling provide a wonderful hobby for millions of participants, it is also crucial to many local and national economies. Those who run fishing lakes, sell fishing gear or organise fishing trips make their living from angling. Fishing opportunities boost regional coffers and rod licenses generate funds for the treasury. Continue reading “Climate Change and Recreational Fishing”

How to Prepare for Night Fishing

Many venues are very busy during the daylight hours causing fish to cease feeding. When the lakes become quiet after dark, it can be a very fruitful time to fish. But it is important to be properly prepared to ensure that your overnight expedition doesn’t become a miserable experience. Continue reading “How to Prepare for Night Fishing”

How to Set Up a Simple Carp Rig

One of the most important aids to effectively targeting carp is the use of a safe rig. This type of rig features a safety clip which ejects the lead easily in the event that the main line breaks or becomes snagged. The rig also enables you to change the lead quickly if you need to. The rig is easy to set up and here’s how you do it. Continue reading “How to Set Up a Simple Carp Rig”