Winter Carp Fishing

As the nights draw in and temperatures drop, the prospect of sitting outside for hours may start to seem less appealing. Especially when you are finding it harder to catch your target fish. Winter is a difficult time for carp anglers so you could face spending many hours over a period of months with little to show for your efforts. But there are tactics that you can employ to ensure that you get the most out of your hobby in winter time. Continue reading “Winter Carp Fishing”

The Angling Club Where Something Fishy was Going On

Every group or club requires a treasurer. They are the guys who handle the cash and that means that’s important that they can be trusted. But how do you know when your trust has been misplaced? Any underhand dealings often only surface when it is too late and the money is already gone. Continue reading “The Angling Club Where Something Fishy was Going On”

What is a Zig Rig?

You will have heard anglers talking about zig rigs, but if you’re new to the sport you may be wondering what they are! Zig rigs are nothing new but have become what can only be described as the in thing in recent years for those who are fishing for carp.

A zig rig is nothing more exotic than a suspended floater. It is a long nylon hooklength which sits at a predetermined depth. But this little bit of kit could help you to land a good catch even when all else is failing. Continue reading “What is a Zig Rig?”

How to Choose a Carp Rod

As with hobbies and interests, the world of carp fishing can seem confusing to the uninitiated. There’s a vast array of equipment and accessories available and then on top of that there’s all the jargon to deal with! If you have friends or family who enjoy angling then they can help you out but what if you fancy taking up carp fishing as a hobby but don’t have anyone to turn to for advice? Fear not! Continue reading “How to Choose a Carp Rod”

What Equipment do You Need to Start Carp Fishing?

Any new hobby or pastime can seem daunting initially. You will always be aware that you don’t really know what you are doing and won’t want to look foolish. On the other hand, you have an exciting adventure ahead of you. Most experienced anglers will be happy to help and will understand how you feel. Continue reading “What Equipment do You Need to Start Carp Fishing?”

Environment Agency Clamps Down on Illegal Fishing

It looks like the authorities are stepping up their war on illegal fishing. Six anglers have found themselves in court recently after fishing in Hampshire waters and three of them ended up having to pay more than £800 each in fines and court costs. Continue reading “Environment Agency Clamps Down on Illegal Fishing”

World Record Carp Landed in Thailand

At Fishing Bait World Blog we’ve recently highlighted some of the record carp specimens which have been landed in British waters. However, if you want to grapple with a veritable monster then it seems you must head to Thailand! Last month angler Tim Webb spent 90 minutes battling with a really serious specimen. But the fish turned out to be well worth the trouble when it weighed in at 222lb and set a new world record. Continue reading “World Record Carp Landed in Thailand”